core values

what are the core values in your life?
here's an exercise that can help you discover them!

understanding your core values is essential because they serve as the guiding principles that shape your decisions, actions, and overall life direction. they represent what you deeply believe in and what you consider to be important and meaningful. by identifying and clarifying your core values, you gain insights into yourself, which enables you to make choices that align with who you truly are, to establish boundaries, build healthier relationships, and prioritise your time and energy towards endeavors that truly matter to you.

how do i identify my core values? the task sounds simple: from a list of a hundred values, pick 18, then narrow it down to 12, and finally to just 6. in practice, however, it might be quite a challenge to choose what's actually the most important to you, among many other important things… but forcing yourself to really think it through is the whole point! take as much time as you need.

keep in mind that there are no “wrong” answers here. eliminating a value doesn't mean you don't hold it dear – only that others are more important to you. life is an art of choosing, after all.

the order of values will be randomised to avoid potential bias.

out of the following values, select 18:


out of the following values, select 12:


out of the following values, select 6:


drag and drop the selected values to place the most important ones on top:

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